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Precautions Ban apeal

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Precautions Ban apeal

Post by Precautions on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:41 am

First topic message reminder :

Got banned for "Excessive team killing" right after XxXDeadlykilla after he'd been camping the roof of his titan can't say if hes the one who banned me or not and as for TKing i hadn't TK'ed anyone but I'm guessing that was the first option he could find... and if this is yet another time my "hacked account" thing is going to be brought up that's already been talked over by the leaders of both KTA and BP and even thou i have the real store brought disk/cd key I'm still buying another one in the weekend to make sure its a clean one (I've also owned my key/game for along time now so I'm not sure how it was hacked but niss think it could have been a returned copy) I'm not worried about the banned but am a little annoyed this is just to make sure my new account that will be sporting the same name *as i will delete my solider on the old one* doesn't meet the same unfair ban... Sorry about the text wall its been along day and i couldn't be fked editing too much lol Shocked

Awaiting a speedy response lol!


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Re: Precautions Ban apeal

Post by c44u2 on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:15 pm



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